I include these sites here because I've found them useful, insightful, or interesting. If you know of a site that you think I would find useful, interesting, or just plain entertaining, e-mail me at whitefantom@whitefantom.com. The site must have content, must not be hateful, discriminatory, or encourage harmful behaviour, and must not violate any copyright laws. If the site belongs to you, I would also would appreciate a link to my site on yours as well.

A wonderful place for Science Fiction and Fantasy artists and writers to showcase their work. Come join and exhibit your talent, or come to find a treasure trove of talent from others!

A vast gallery and community site for a wide variety of art, including application skins, web designs, logos, photography, pixel art, and many other things besides the usual paintings and drawings--which there are also plenty of. They also provide a service for offering prints for sale.

Another art community, but this one is not theme specific. All types of art are welcome here--Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime/Manga, Impressionism, Art Deco, etc.

A gallery of very high quality amateur and professional artwork. Their standards are much more exacting than most, so getting artwork accepted there is much harder.

The official Thomas Dolby homepage, regularly updated by Thomas himself.

The official site for my favourite band, Bella Morte.

The official Richard Marx site maintained by a group of dedicated fans.

Thomas Dolby (Robertson)'s innovative company, Beatnik (formerly known as Headspace). Home of the Beatnik plugin and Rich Music Format (RMF) file format.

The official Corey Hart website.

The most complete EAP website I've found....also contains links to several other very good Poe sites.

A very comprehensive Sherlock Holmes site.

The most comprehensive site for the wonde rful 1985 Fantasy movie Legend.

The official site for the upcoming live-action remake of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn.

We all probably remember the 1882 animated film adaptation, which was quite enchanting, but Beagle, along with many of the other cast members and producers from the original animated film (most notably Christopher Lee, who voiced the role of King Haggard and was most recently seen as Sarumon in The Lord fo the Rings), has wanted for years to make a live-action adaptation of this wonderful book.

Now, technology seems to have reached a satisfying point, and all are hopeful that this movie will be an epic Fantasy to rival even The Lord of the Rings when it is released, tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2004. This website chronicles the film-making process, from storyboards to 3D character tests to character design sketches to the latest on the production of the film.

Though this is technically a picture rating and a dating site, the real draw for me are the forums--primarily the Religion & Philosophy forum, where I spend several hours a day discussing and debating various topics of religion. Of other particular note are the Alternative Lifestyles and Politics & Social Issues forums (and the Veterean's Club, which is only available to members who have been part of the site for at least three months). You'll find me posting there under the screen name WhiteFantom.

An list of sites of various categories within the Christian Goth community.

A wonderful Christian Goth community which also functions as a Net.Goth directory for Christian Goths.

A very informative site on the Gothic subculture, written by a lady who's been a part of the subculture since it began in the early 80's.

A site devoted to the things of our past--from the 50's to today, it houses pages about all our favourite Saturday morning cartoons, sitcoms, TV dramas, movies, toys, etc., all divided into decades. I especially like the 80's section. :-)

A website dedicated to King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845-1886), the Last True King of Bavaria.

The website of a foundation dedicated to finding missing children. Its namesake, Jacob Wetterling, has been missing since 1989.

A Huge and adorable resource for all things Jen. Incldes famous Jens, literature about Jens, Jen lore, Rules of Jen, JenSpotting, Jen meanings, online Jens, locational Jens, historical Jens, Jen theories (Two Degrees of Jen, the One True Jen, Portrait of Jen Random, etc.) and so much more. Very cute if you are or know a Jen (refer to the Two Degrees of Jen on this...).

The ultimate site for Teddy Ruxpin--my childhood "sweetheart." :-)

A repository of online time-wasters for when you're utterly bored--or putting something off. :-).