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From Well-Read to Spoon-Fed: The Death of Communication in the Communication Era

October 2002 | article; approx. 1,000 words

This article was originally written as a front-page Member's Voice article for the website It deals with a problem I've noticed getting progressively worse in the nearly ten years I've been on the internet: the degredation of communication.

Now, in truth, it's not quite as dire as that statement makes it sound, but at best it's quite irksome, and at worse it's creating the foundations of a more dire issue for the future. If you're interested, read the article to find out more...and if your eyes cross at the surprising assault of more than two sentences strung together and you think to yourself, "thats 2 long, im not going 2 read all that" (I translated it into basic l337 speak for you :-), then consider yourself part of the problem.

Sunlight & Shadow: Understanding the Gothic Subculture

Spring 2001 | essay/website; approx. 5,000 words

What began as an essay for my Advanced Composition class a few years ago turned into a website dedicated to dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding the Gothic subculture. It was actually turned in and graded as a website (though it's been moved and redesigned since that time), and was written specifically with the web in mind.

In the three years this essay website has thusfar been online, it has garnered quite a bit of attention not only by those who identify with the Gothic subculture, but also by students writing about it, teachers and parents learning about it, and psychologists and psychology students learning about it. Whether you indentify with the Gothic subculture or not, or whether you even support the Gothic subculture or not, I invite you to read this essay--you may learn a thing or two you didn't realize before. ;-)

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