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I began writing songs when I was about 14 years old. Those first couple of years saw me mostly producing ye olde classic love songs (teenage love songs, at that), but after a while, I tired of that I ended up focusing more on storytelling in my songs. The majority of the body of my songwriting work at this point centers on fictional stories told in song, which is primarily what you'll find here.

What is exhibited in this section are lyrics only. Many of these songs also have musical accompaniment already written, but only a few have actually been recorded. Those few will have links to the Music section so you can download and listen to the full recorded versons.

All works appearing here are copyrighted; please see the FAQ for further information. I am also open for freelance and commission work, so if you're interested in comissioning a song or other piece of writing from me, visit the Freelance & Commissions section for information and a contact form.


December 2003 | Autobiographical

This was a Christmas gift to my fiance, Tom. It's a very personal song because it not only goes into detail about how I feel about my fiance, but it's also based on a very real moment--the night before I met Tom in person, I looked out my window and saw a very bright red star (which I know now was probably the planet Mars, and which probably explains a great deal of things in terms of how Tom and I interact ;-).

After going through a plethora of failed relationships and even a failed marriage, I didn't want to have to live through that sort of thing again, so I wished on that star that I would finally be able to find happiness, peace, and lasting love. The very next day, Tom and I went out on our first date, and from that day there has never been a doubt in my mind that I've finally found the happiness, peace, and lasting love I wished for that night on that shining red star. :-)


June 2003 | Autobiographical

All those who have been through the painful ends of relationships which they didn't personally want to end will likely recognize the sentiments in this song. It's sad how something that should be wonderful and should bring out the best in us can also inspire us to reach our lowest depths, to beg and plead and hit rock bottom, and lose all sense of dignity in the end.

Far Away

April 2003 | Autobiographical

A song for long-distance relationships, though it can also fit scenarios of unrequited love or ended relationships as well--I didn't intend for it to be so openly interprettable, but that's how it ended up. :-)

Stop Haunting Me

April 2002 | Autobiographical

It's devastating to discover your marriage is ending, that the life you thought you were going to have no longer exists--and there's nothing you can do. I wrote this song within weeks of my seperation from my ex-husband, to try to exorcize the haunting pain that wouldn't leave me alone. It certainly did help quite a bit to write this song, and it started me on the road to healing and moving forward.


Summer 2000 | Autobiographica l

This song was so personal that I almost decided not to post it here. Without delving into much detail, this song represents my habit of having "before me" jealousy--jealousy over what my significant others have done and who they've been with before they were with me. Something from an ex-significant other's past used to haunt me, much more than any previous "before me" jealousies, and images of imagined scenarios refused to leave me alone. Writing this song helped me put those ghosts to rest.

Cemetery Angel

April 2000 | Fictional

The story of a girl who fought for her people, died for her people, and was forgotten by her people. Although the story in this song can be seen to parallel the story of Jesus Christ (with an obvious alteration in the gender of the protagonist), I honestly had nothing of the sort in mind when writing it.

Also, as you may note from the date above, this song was written more than three years before Martina McBride came out with her hit song "Concrete Angel," which follows a rather different plotline but expresses extraordinarily similar themes, imagery, and metaphors. I had no knowledge of that song (which probably didn't even exist at the time) when I wrote this one, so this is to curb the possible assumption, "Oh, that's just a rip-off of 'Concrete Angel'!" :-P

The Angel and the Light

October 1998 | Fictional

This song is based on a character I created named Raeth, and the subsequent story I bult around him (tantatively titled "The Huntingdon Angel," though the story is not yet written, and likely never will be).

Raeth is a handsome young nineteenth century English stableboy who works for the benevalent Huntingdon family. The Huntingdons' eight-year-old daughter, Meredith, adores Raeth and looks up to everything he does. After a tragic fire seemingly leaves Raeth dead, the entire Huntingdon family is overcome with grief. Raeth does not die (at least, he does not stay dead), though he is not the same as before. He keeps his distance from the family, never aging, watching over them from afar, and watching Meredith grow into a striking young woman.

This song was written as if "The Huntingdon Angel" were a Broadway musical or a modern opera.

Fire Game

August 1998 | Autobiographical

I so dislike being misled, though at the time of this song, I was being misled terribly. I had strong feelings for someone, though he was already in a relationship. When he began to reciprocate my feelings, he assured me that his other relationship was dissolved (which was, as one might suspect, a lie). I knew I was playing with fire, but I didn't think I cared if I got burned. I learned otherwise, of course.

Mad King Ludwig

July 1998 | Dedication/Historical

Written for Ludwig II, King of Bavaria in the late 19th century. Don't believe what history tries to tell you--he wasn't "mad"--he was simply different in a time when being different could be dangerous (especially since part of what made him "different" was that he was gay).

Ghost of a Chance

July 1998 | Fictional

The young woman in this song has spent years hiding her love, but when the man she loves dies unexpectedly without ever knowing how she felt, she dies inside as well. Love is stronger than death, yet weaker than life.

The Queen of the Sea

December 1997 | Dedication/Historical

In memory of the sinking of the Titanic. She was on her maiden voyage, but she will never sail again; Captain Smith was to retire, but he will never leave the sea.

Never Knew the Fire

Augist 1997 | Autobiographical

After a particular relationship ended, I obsessed over what I had done wrong, what I could have done better, what was wrong with me, etc.--until I realized that he was the problem, because he had never appreciated me for what I was. He never knew the person within, and he never cared to learn.

Run Away

July 1997 | Fictional

A demonstration of how one single action can change one's life forever. A man murders an innocent young woman for no reason at all, and he spends the rest of his life running, hiding, fearing, and praying--though no one is listening anymore.

No Mercy For the Demon

April 1997 | Fictional

As a little girl walks home on Halloween, she's struck by the bullet of a drive by shooter and killed. An innocent life lost to senseless, random violence.

If the World Had Only Known

August 1996 | Dedication

Written for Jacob Wetterling and Morgan Violi, dedicated to all missing children of the world. If everyone knew the love and the pain as if it were their own child, these children would be home now, instead of being missing, abused, or dead.

Afraid to Die

June 1996 | Fictional

A teenage boy lived life on the edge, never fearing that he might end up dead. After he is murdered in a street fight, his sister gets angry--why didn't he fear to die?

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